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Campaign Caritas/FOCSIV, February 2021

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Stefano Dal Pozzolo was born in Vicenza (Italy) in 1976.
He lives and works in Rome since 2003.
He has a permanent accreditation at the Vatican City and he works for Contrasto Photo Agency (Contrasto – projects for photography is a unique enterprise in the field of imagery; since 1986 Contrasto has become a point of reference for quality photojournalism).
His work as a photojournalist is divided between the everyday story of public activity of the Holy Father and the production of social, environment and sport documentaries in Italy and in the world.
He works with the most important Italian and international magazines like National Geographic, L’Espresso, Panorama, Wired, Focus, El Pais Semanal, Sportweek, ESPN, Le Point, Time, Newsweek .
His is the cover of Time Magazine election of Pope Francis on 13 March 2013.
He thinks that photography is a tool to describe reality, to get in communicating with others, involving the body, the mind and the heart.


    Stefano Dal Pozzolo
 +39 3477194040